App Creator,  Learning Concept Designer and Creative Director: Loretta Todd

Ms. Todd is the creator of My Cree App – an extension of the award-winning Cree educational series, Tansi! Nehiyawetan. This series appears on the Aboriginal
Peoples Television Network and has been distributed through-out Canada, especially to schools and libraries. Tansi! Nehiyawetan celebrates learning Cree and
affirms that it is okay to learn the language, even if you don’t live in your home territory.

Ms. Todd is expanding her production capacity to include digital media – including apps and other interactive media. She has fused her companies – Nehiyawetan
3 Productions Inc and Mamaoo Pictures Ltd – under a bigger tipi. This new company/tipi is Mighty Sparrow Media Group.

Mighty Sparrow Media Group is dedicated to innovation in storytelling through film, television and digital media. Developed by internationally-known and
award-winning Aboriginal filmmaker Loretta Todd, Mighty Sparrow Media Group specializes in Aboriginal media, especially stories and projects that reflect
contemporary Aboriginal realities and aspirations.

Mighty Sparrow Media is driven by ideas, integrity and energy.  We work with the best creative minds and talents. The company and principals bring experience
working with APTN, CBC, NFB, Telefilm, PBS, CityTV, FNX and CTV, as well as corporate and community clients.

App developer:
Dynamic Leap Technology provides software development services in the mobile device applications space with a focus on Apple’s iPhone and iPad.  They have a
great team of experienced software developers with a long track record of developing software for a wide range of clients, from companies such as Apple,
Microsoft, Visio, Corel to early stage startups with great ideas and tight budgets. Contact them to obtain a quick quote, or just for some free advice, and let
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Cree Teacher: Barbara McLeod
App Creative Director: L.S.Todd
Creative Concepts:  L. S. Todd
App Developer:  Designed and developed by Dynamic Leap Technology Inc.
Illustrations by Chris Auchter
Photos: Kai T-D &
Photos: Creative Commons – Attribution Licence from and
Click here to find attribution information (pdf file of all images used)
Audio and other Technical Work by Jonathan DuBois
Executive Production Team: Lori Louis & Peter Strutt & Loretta Todd
App support web design:  Ron Dean Harris
Special Thanks to Gregory Scofield
Developed with the participation of British Columbia Film + Media and the British Columbia Arts Council 


©2013 Mighty Sparrow Media Group (Mamaoo Pictures Ltd and Nehiyawetan 3 Productions Inc) - All Rights Reserved