1) Pronunciation guide
You can start anywhere in the App, but when your app loads it will take you to the Cree
Basics page where you will find  the Cree alphabet chart. Just click on the letters to hear
how they are spoken – and hear examples of how they sound in relation to both English
and Cree word examples. This way you don’t have to guess at what the letters sound like,
you can actually hear them spoken.

Cree uses fourteen letters of the Roman Alphabet to represent the sounds of the Cree
language. These letters represent seventeen sounds plus sounds of several combinations
of consonants. This section helps you practice those sounds.

2) Words
Here we have a variety of word categories, including Activities (sports and other fun things),
Food, Seasons and Weather, Friends and Family, Animals, Greetings and Feelings and
More Words. Each category has a number of words to learn, with inspirational images and
a smooth, easy to use action as you maneuver through the flashcards. Each flashcard
plays an audio clip of the word with a related image, making it easier to connect the word
with its meaning. Both the Cree text and English text appear.  There are quizzes in each
category, so you can test your learning.

Experts say that knowing around 300 words and phrases in a language is a great start to
allow you to have simple conversations with fluent speakers of the language. My Cree App
launches with a more than 300 words. Our approach makes learning words easier than
learning by simply translating from English to Cree Words.

3) Phrases
The Phrase section is another way to practice your Cree and to learn phrases you might
want to use in your everyday life. Our phrases section builds on the first lessons, combining
words into phrases and letting you go places and meet and greet people. These phrases
include greeting conversations and we’ve added a section where we break down some of
the included words and also give some related phrases. This way you can keep learning.

4) Songs
Putting Cree to music helps both adults and children to learn faster. Our songs incorporate
key Cree words into different musical styles, such as ballads, rap and world music. They
are composed and played by Aboriginal musicians and designed to be memorable and
appealing to all ages.


We want you to know our app is not a dictionary. This stage is a basic introduction to Cree,
but if you like what we are doing, we plan to expand the app to make My Cree the go-to
resource for on-line nēhiyawēwin.  Most entry-level language classes start with about
300-500 words, which is our approach with this beginning My Cree App.

We will be adding to My Cree App – introducing new words and phrases  2 or 3 times a
year – so after you’ve learned the first round of words and phrases, check back for more
Please note we are using the Y Dialect – Plains Cree. Please also note that we are using
the standardized Cree spelling, adopted by many teachers and linguistics.

We acknowledge that there are different spellings for words but these are the spellings we
are working with. If you see something that needs review, please let us know.

We would like to acknowledge that we drew from our own knowledge and experience with
nēhiyawēwin. We also referred to and nēhiyawēwin: itwēwina  / Cree: 
Words, Volume 2, compiled by Arok Wolvengrey.
My Cree is a cool way to begin speaking Plains Cree. With My Cree it is easy to find, listen to and practice the words and phrases. Each word and phrase example
is clearly spoken by a fluent Plains Cree speaker who taught Cree for over 30 years. We offer a Pronunciation Guide to the Cree alphabet, with audio examples
and explanations to help you understand and speak Cree. We also offer real life phrases so you can quickly go beyond simple word use.

The My Cree App logo is interactive. When you click on it a drop down menu lets you chose different categories, including Cree Basics, Words, Phrases and
Songs. Each category is just a quick click away.

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How to use My Cree
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